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Tree Stump Removal

Proper care for the trees in your yard is critical for maintaining its general condition and visual aesthetic.

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damaged from disease

However, sometimes a tree appears to be healthy on the outside but is actually damaged from disease.


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We believe in Safety first when you hire Brigg's Pro

For the safety of anyone walking close to the tree as well as the safety of your other trees, you’ll want to contact Briggs Tree Stump Removal for service. We can inspect your trees and recommend the right solutions.

Unfortunately, if a diseased tree is left as it is for too long, it could start to spread to your other trees. You’ll eventually notice more than just one unhealthy tree on your property if it isn’t promptly removed. Call Briggs Tree Stump Removal for effective solutions to this common problem at competitive prices.

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Tree Stump Grinding

Stump grinding might seem to be just another expense after removal of a tree.
But regardless of whether the tree was removed due to illness or storm damage
there are still some factors to consider once the tree is gone.

The first issue property owners will need to determine is whether they are going to do something about the tree stump. Some will choose to just leave the stump in place for the time being. But before choosing to leave the stump in place, you’ll want to consider what the results might be. The tree, if it was still living at the time of removal, could start growing back. It probably will not grow, however,
in its original shape but rather in the form of various shoots to form an unsightly clump. Our tree stump grinding services will remove the remaining nutrients and prevent this from occurring.

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