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Stump Removal

Once a tree is professionally removed from your residential property or commercial site, the stump will remain. There are a number of benefits to completely removing the stump such as:

-It clears the area for future use. After our specialists remove the tree stump, you’ll then be able to utilize your land for other purposes. For instance, you can put in a new tree, new grass or other landscape features without worrying about the old tree’s root system. If a stump is not removed, it can make it difficult to use the area again and the remaining root system might limit what you’ll be able to plant there.

Briggs Pro Tree Stump Removal

-Prevents roots from impeding other components of your property. After a tree is cut down its root system stops growing. But it may take years for the root system to die naturally and decompose. That means if the roots are affecting underground items like your home’s foundation, septic system or plumbing pipes, they might continue doing so. Removing the tree stump and the roots will prevent this problem right away.

-Stops risk of spreading illness to your other trees. If the tree you had removed was diseased, it might remain within the stump. That disease might then pass on the root systems of nearby trees and infect them. By removing the stump and its root system, you’re able to halt the spread of diseases that could affect other healthy trees.

-Decreases risks of pests. A tree stump that remains in your yard isn’t just an eyesore. In fact, it can also be an open invitation for pests to start infesting your property. Carpenter ants and termites that tunnel into wood may soon see the tree stump as an ideal location to nest. Once they are established, they can spread to other trees nearby.

Tree Stump Removal