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Stump Grinding

Whether for aesthetic purposes, safety reasons or simply the need to clear out a section of land to prepare for the planting of new trees or to build new landscape features, the removal of tree stumps is a worthwhile and cost-effective investment for both residential and commercial properties. After you have decided that you want to remove a tree stump on your site, you’ll next need to decide if choose between complete removal or stump grinding.

On this page, we’ll present some basic information about tree stump grinding. A
stump grinder is a powerful machine that resembles a combination of a circular saw and a lawnmower. They’re made to be positioned over the stump and then efficiently grind it up into small pieces.

Briggs Pro Tree Stump Grinding

The tree stump grinder steadily cuts away at the wood that remains after cutting down a tree. The grinder utilizes a rotating, very powerful and sharp blade that cuts into the wood while it turns. The teeth of the blade cut the wood into manageable pieces. As operator carefully guides the machine’s blade over the whole stump, the blade efficiently converts the wood into chips, which takes the tree stump down below ground level.

The process of grinding down a tree stump, not surprisingly, results in a large quantity of wood chips. Indeed, there can be a lot more wood chips that you might expect. But the upside is that the remaining wood chips can be utilized as mulch on your property. In addition, because the whole volume of a tree stump has just been ground away, the process leaves a sizeable opening in the yard.
You could opt to have the chips of wood put back into the hole and allow them to decay naturally. Or you can choose to bring in soil and then fill in the opening so that it becomes level with the ground.

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Tree stump grinding